Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Library Visit

Today we stopped by the library to pick a few things up. Larry, Curly and Mo and my niece, J, all filed in an found something to take home.  It was one of those quick in and out stops to the library when I kinda rush my kids to just find something (we were spent after spending the morning and afternoon running errands and getting haircuts before my sister's wedding next week).  Even with the rush of choosing something, it is always interesting to see what walks out the doors in their hands.

Larry (days from 10 years old) grabbed  The Adventures of Daniel Boom AKA Loud Boy.  It is a graphic novel of which he has read the second in the series.  He also grabbed a picture book, The Worst Best Friend.

Curly (8 years) was excited to get the Chris Riddell book: Ottoline Goes to School.  I posted about his loving Ottoline and Yellow Cat here. We have had the book on reserve and he has been anxious  for it to be our turn to read it!!

Mo (6 years) was the hardest (unlike him but probably because I rushed him) to please.  I picked up a few old favorites but he shooed them.  He spotted the holiday books announcing his love for reading them ( I personally avoid this section but he loves it).  I know he has been a bit obsessed with the Dragon series so I showed him Dragon's Halloween and it was a quick sell.  We also grabbed The Hallo-Weiner, also by Dav Pilkey.  There is something about his humor that works for some young kids.

J  (4 years) went right for the first princess book she could find and started to picture read the book, The Princess Who Had Almost Everything, on the way home.  I haven't read this one but the review for it is here.  I liked the cover and it was definitely read aloud material.  

The last observation to note was that the check out computers all had a sign that read:
This branch may close due the to budget cuts proposed by Gov. Strickland.

I can't imagine not having our Columbus and  community libraries.  35,000 emails were sent to our legislators to voice our concerns ( wouldn't this have been a great authentic piece for persuasive writing for students to do).  We have until July 1st if you haven't acted yet you can!  

 Save Our Libraries! 
Governor Strickland has recommended the elimination of $200+ million from the Public Library Fund over the next two years. WHAT YOU CAN DO: We have until July 1, 2009 to be heard! VisitOLC.org and SaveOhioLibraries for more info. 

While we wait, enjoy these pictures of Library Love posted on the local library webpage.  

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Cat said...

Thanks for your stalwart support of the libraries! It's great to read your stories of book loving, too. :-)