Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

We enjoyed a day at home due to snow today.

Larry was anxious to sled and plunge in the crunchy snow covered ice. Luckily last year's boots fit.

Moe doesn't like to get wet. He had NO desire to even step foot outside. No boot worries here.

Curly was dying to get outside but we weren't sure about boots. First pair I found were way too small. He didn't care until he slid them on. Then I found a pair that I thought were going to be too big. I warned him they may be too big. He said, "It's ok Mommy I am almost 6!"

It was so precious just hugged him. My little guy is getting big.
Oh yea, the boots did fit.


Anonymous said...

great clip of your 3 boys. My girls were trying to squeeze into their snowsuits from late elem school, fighting over the biggest one! Too funny.
The boots fit, they are growing up in so many ways. Keep the stories coming!
OH and there is hope for your little guys' edu future after reading the Strickland speech. for older kids it has been testing and more testing.

Karen said...

Why is it every year, the boots are an issue? I could never remember to plan ahead. :) Cute story!