Friday, January 16, 2009

Shared Reading

I am always on the look out for picture books with repeating text on each page that will serve as a fun read together during shared reading. I like to use the repetitive text for word study and just plain old fun. I found two books over break that I thought I would try... (one of which we read this week)

Where Are You Little Frog
by Kayleigh Rhatigan

This delightful read has the kids guessing where little frog is on his journey to different parts of the farm. It is a playful rhyming book that has short text and fits right into the hands of primary readers.

I Am the King by Leo Timmers
Who is most fit to be king of all animals? Well, the animals who happen to try on the crown. Each decides that the golden hat suits him
best...pig, crocodile, elephant many others declare.."I am the king!" But, who really takes the crown? Well, you know.

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Franki said...

these look great! I'll have to look for them at CTC tomorrow:-)