Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Book Box

My students spend a good part of the morning with their own book box. In this box, they keep their practice books, their favorite books, their poetry and song binder, their bag for taking home books, a notebook for writing thoughts about books, pencils, post-its and other little treasures that often make their way into the box. Their box houses their most important reading and thinking in our classroom. SO, when I saw the book: My Book Box, I had to have it!

Will Hillendbrand has written a sweet story of an elephant and frog who playfully create ways to pretend with their box. It is a bug box, a pizza box, a pasta box, a toy box, a hide-and seek-box and then elephant decides on a book box. The book box travels and transforms as the two friends enjoy sharing stories throughout the day then ending with sweet dreams at night.

My youngest Curly LOVED this story. In fact, we spent time this weekend helping him paint and create his own book box. Tonight, curly decided to add the finishing touches: flaps to close the top of his box. He then ran to our book room to gather some of his favorite book and pile them inside. Oh the joy a box can bring a five year old!!


Cassy said...

Hi there. I'm curious - do you have desks or tables in your clasroom? Why do your students keep their materials in boxes? I've always wondered what it would be like to not have desks. I'd like to try big tables some day, and store all the "stuff" in creative ways. Big tables give a room a different feel, I think.

Karen S. said...

We all need a book box!

Anonymous said...

My Anna still loves to create her reading treasure boxes and then add her pile of books that she wants to read or reread. Boxes hold unlimited possibilities!

katied said...

I am a table person and yes I agree tables give the room a different feel. Tables allow me to set aside a large space where we can meet and talk with each other before the kids are off to think, read or write. Tables, the floor, bean bags and a kid size couch are options for where kids work. I've seen the boxes work magic as kids organize and come back to their favorite reads. It definitely helps keep them organized too.

Lauren said...

I think this is such a wonderful post. How neat for kids to have such a special place to keep all of their treasures. I now know a new book I must go buy to read with my kids.