Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thoughts from NCTE

I feel like the learning I am taking away this year from NCTE has been embedded in many of the conversations I have had with educators over the two days I spent collaborating, listening and learning. My mind is racing with new ideas and questions just by listening to the many wise words of others. Like...

How can I build in time for deeper discussion and reflection about what picture reading looks like ? How can kids read and replay books for others? (Kathy Collins)

The definition of "just right" book sometimes makes me uncomfortable because of each student's need, purpose and personal decisions for reading. How can I communicate this concept in the classroom without limiting my students? We know much of reading is about balance. (Cathy Mere)

How am I really inviting kids to grasp the notion of meaningful talk in the classroom? How can I step back and help them understand: why it is important to have it and how does it sound? What are some picture books that could support this? How can this trickle into our work on the blog: thoughtful commenting, reading posts by thoughtful kids? (Ann Marie Corgill)

"Comprehension is more than just teaching strategies. We have to be responsive and reactive to what kids know." (Sharon Taberski). How can I foster a balance for understanding with readers? Our work in the classroom comes from our students. (Laura Robb).

If we can get kids to know themselves in one aspect of learning, we can transition this self-reflective type thinking into other areas. Who are you as a reader?

"Shut up, listen and learn." (Don Graves quote used by Patrick Allen) How can I foster kids work as problem solvers within the classroom community?

Kids quoted " I think I am an independent reader when my teacher trusts me. " There is so much to be learned about TRUST in the classroom. Debbie Miller said: We need to trust ourselves as teachers.

So much to think about.


Stella said...

What an amazing experience you had Katie! It is in those deep moments of wondering and reflection where some of the changes take places. We are all a work in progress, and our teaching can only go one place from here: UP. May we never stop wondering, and reflecting.Happy Thanksgiving Break!

Karen Szymusiak said...

These are great take aways from the conference. Thanks for capturing them. It was a great conference this year and I enjoyed learning from you and alongside you. Can't wait for next year!

Karen said...

I love how succinctly you managed to capture your thinking! I just wrote this huge essay / couldn't figure out how to be more brief. Yours is perfect! I really need to work on this. I loved our lunch and thinking on Saturday!

Katie Dicesare said...

I am all about being brief these days girls! I want to spend more time thinking deeper but sometimes life gets in the way. It helps me to document my processing even if it just is quick questions that I know will help guide me

Mary Lee said...

Great quotes! Lots to think about and remember.