Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Color Picture Books

Colors are a fun topic to read and write about. Each of us has a color we like or even love. I often share a few color books that seem to help kids think about colors they love. Books like My Many Colored Days by Dr. Suess is filled with feelings, colors and animals. The language and pictures are captivating for young readers.

I also love the book, White by Michael Dahl. It is a mixture of poetry and non fiction that is simple enough for young writers yo use a mentor text. Each two page spread surprises you with new way to think about white. White can fill up your glass is written next to a large glass of milk. Next to it, a square details information about the number of glasses of milk a dairy cow produces in her lifetime. So much to think about in a short amount of text has intrigued the readers in my room.

Lastly, the newest book to my classroom library and the Newberry Honor book for this year: Red Sings From Treetops: year in colors is fantastic book for celebrating color! I knew the minute I read the first page last week that I would love this book. The colors bring to life the many objects of spring, summer, fall and winter. My favorite were the poems about fall like:
Orange ripens in
full, heavy moons,
thick pulp and seed.
Orange flickers,
all smoke and candles.
Orange eyes.
Orange cheeks.
Orange teeth.
Right now, I am looking forward to some white myself.
White that cradles my head,
relieves my stress
and encourages me to drift to places where I can let go of the day.

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