Monday, April 6, 2009

Good Egg

The most popular purchase I made this weekend was the book Good Egg by Barney Saltzberg. It is an interactive, simply written first grade friendly book. This book starts...
sit. (flap lifts and the egg is sitting on a chair) good egg
lie down. (pull flap and the egg moves to its side) good egg
roll over (pull tab and egg somersaults across the page) good egg

Other commands occur in the book. The last is "speak" and you can imagine what might "speak" back.

The minute I read this book, I felt every child in the room wanting to have it (of course). We had to come up with a system for taking turns with this popular read. I even saw a few kids doing rock paper scissors with each other when they began to fight over it. This book was $9.95 and worth every cent. They can read it, play with it and are learning how to share it. This book would make a wonderful addition to the Easter basket for little ones as well. All in is a good egg! (ha ha)
Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing like a new book on a Monday to spark excitement in April. I enjoyed our conversations on Saturday at Carl Anderson's workshop. Keep Smiling! Shelly