Sunday, October 10, 2010

Love that Kitty by Jeff Larka

I fell in love with the book Love that Puppy by Jeff Jarka last year. I love how it steps kids into books with a graphic novel feel. Last year my students loved reading it, enjoying the silly antics of a little boy (Peter) who decides to become a dog. This year, I found myself using it during our picture study in writing workshop. The students and I noticed the many expressions Jarka creates using the characters in the story. The kids also noticed how he tells us more on one page of the story by organizing his pictures in boxes.

Today, I saw Love that Kitty at the library and checked out both copies (I always feel bad about taking two but I know these will be read). I noticed the plot of the story is very similar to that of Love that Puppy. For first grader readers, similar story events are a support for emerging readers so I know they will have some success diving into the second in the series with each other or on their own before I get a chance to read it aloud. Oh yeah, the ending of this books begs for a third.


Netanya Rommel said...

Thank you for sharing this book! I can't wait to read it. My kids love any book that uses imaginative and bright graphics, as well as any story about an animal. This book is definitely going on my list of books to read!

Thank you!


deb said...

This is going in my library book bag! Thanks so much for sharing all your book treasures! My class & I love the books you