Sunday, October 3, 2010

IKEA Table

This IKEA table is host to learning that we have going on in the classroom. During the first weeks of school, it held the plastic animals from animal bin. I also displayed the book Creature ABC ( which I love). It was a great place for many kids to play during student walk-through and begin to learn to cooperatively play with animals and blocks in the first few weeks of school.

I also used it to host our favorite books from home as kids brought in their favorites to share. It was fun to see what they love from home. Students had conversations and connections with many of the titles that were displayed and read from the table.

For a few weeks it held a sunflower just cut down from the side our our school building that our Kindergartners planted last year. The kids spent a week in their down time, exam-
ining it with the magnifying glasses and harvesting the seeds.

Now, the drying sunflower sits with many fall books and our learning posted on a small post-it chart about what happens in the fall.

I like this little table and can't wait to figure what we put on it next.


Our Learning Community: said...

Back in my primary days, our seasonal table was so special. The kids always loved a basket of different gourds in the fall-sorting and describing all kinds of weird fall gourds and unusual mini-pumpkins was such a language game. We also collected fall seed heads in baskets and ziplocs and noticed how different seeds can be. To be honest, my big kids still love these treasures! We have museum shelves with all kinds of natural treasures right now :)

A worm farm down the road when you start dreaming of spring along with a root vue chamber is always a treat!


Mandy said...

What next, I see it on your table. What about a collection of leaves from your school yard. Lots of sorting, measuring, and science discussions there. You'd have more variety from the students yards to add to your collection. What about a nut collection, I have a little boy who has a nut box at home. Maybe you do too.

katied said...

Ooooo, Mandy and Andrea- love the ideas! I need you both for my science hat.

Scott said...

Only in a preschool classroom can something so simple and "ordinary" become a wonderful avenue for learning. I like that table.

Jackie H. said...

I think we'll cut down a sunflower and bring it in too. I think even my preschooler would like taking that apart! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Rider said...

I just LOVE your ideas... and your IKEA table. Thanks for inspiring me always.