Monday, September 14, 2009

Katie Loves the Kittens by John Himmelman

I read this book briefly last year ( not really remembering it) and it wasn't until a student and a friend suggested I read it aloud. Wow! This adorable story is about a dog, Katie, who is anxious to get to know three new kittens her owner Sara Ann brings home. Katie welcomes the kittens with her usual "AROOOO," thinking her way of saying "hello" might welcome them. She realizes later realize that her howling and loving enthusiasm for the kittens has only frightened them. Katie falls asleep and then wakes up to the kittens sleeping upon her back. This time she remembers to be patient and the kittens stay.

I love this book for primary readers and writers because it is an enjoyable read aloud ( you were right Franki)! It easily fits into the hands of many readers who will have independent success with it in my room. It is a great mentor text for kids writing a personal narrative. I know I will use this text to think about the importance of layering ideas. The pictures are adorable (especially the last page...try to find the white kitten) and it provided us with an easy text for practicing that readers think as they read. A student today shared a prediction. Another made a connection between Katie and Big Al ( by Andrew Clements) comparing their eagerness to make friends and their patience with discovering how. This book has so many possibilities!!
I hope you love Katie as much as we did!

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