Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dog and Bear are back!!!

Laura Seeger has made us laugh once again with her newest Dog and Bear book called: Dog and Bear Three to Get Ready! Laura Seeger has written many books that I love including One Boy and First the Egg. She has recently written the third in what I call "picture book series books." The Dog and Bear books are each written with three very short stories within one picture book. I read her newest aloud today and it was enjoyed by all!

The first story is called Uh-oh. Uh-oh because Bear's head is stuck in a bucket. Dog fearlessly and cleverly tries to help bear out of trouble but ends up with the bucket on top of his own head. When reading Ooops, the second short story out of the three, I noticed the most laughter. I think it was Dog's comments as he realized that bouncing on a bed felt like flying. Near the end of his bouncing adventures he yells, " I'm King of the World!" and then lands in a pillow pile created by his good friends bear. The final short story in three is called Alphabetical Order (boy, we had great conversation about what this is...). In this last story, Bear helps tidy up a messy room by boxing Dog's toys in containers by alphabetical order BUT not typical alphabetical order. Bear's creative organization inspired my kids to predict and figure out Bear's thinking behind the sorting.

The Dog and Bear books are loved in our room and we keep them in our dog and cat basket. Reading this newest title was yet another reminder of all our favorite dog books. I love how one new book can inspire lots of reading.

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