Monday, September 7, 2009

Books and Messages for the First Week of School

At the end of the day and often end of the school week I am often thinking about what worked and how I can take what worked and find the next connector for my readers and writers. Thinking back to the first two weeks of school, I found myself making sure to send the message that readers find books that they love.

Jan Thomas' books were a huge success for shared reading!! Titles like, The Doghouse, Rhyming Dust Bunnies and her newest: Can You Make a Scary Face? were all big hits. Her latest book is completely interactive and invites kids to verbally, mentally and physically participate by standing up, sitting down and even performing the chicken dance. It was by far the favorite this week.

Other baskets of books that were popular (where I know all my readers would be successful choosing something they could read independently) were baskets like Elephant and Piggie Books, Song Books, Rhyming Books and some of our Fairy Tales.

This week we plan to think about how our book bins can help us plan, keep track and organize our reading. Hope you have a great week!


Anonymous said...

will you post more pics of your classroom?
I think you are teaching 2nd grade, right?
Thanks for your blog!
Lindsay from TIffin

Mary Lee said...

A new Jan Thomas book?!?! Get me to a bookstore!