Saturday, July 5, 2008

Summer Reading Club

Click the top right x and then play to view the voice thread is public but I messed up as I tried to embed it onto my post.
In this voice thread, you see my own kids winding down from a reading club event we hosted at our house. What you will have to visualize is a group of energetic boys ranging from K- 4th grade who came to enjoy a morning of reading, eating and playing hockey in the basement. Another mom and I hung out with 8 boys for about 2hours on the last day of June. The kids were anxious to "play" roller blade hockey in the basement and they hung out there until everyone arrived. Once we had the whole crew, I introduced some of the newer books we purchased this summer as well as some of the favorite picture books from my classroom. My Larry suggested a read aloud and I began the morning with a new Batman book. I then encouraged the kids to find something new and read. Some kids read alone; others read with a friend. My friend and I targeted readers we wanted to support and the 4th grader read to the Kindergartner. It was casual. The kids walked to the kitchen for fruit kabobs, cookies and juice when they wanted a snack. When the individual reading broke up we ended with a read aloud. The kids wanted to hear Scaredy Squirrel. Of course more hockey was next. I was happy that we spent time with friends not just playing sports, riding bikes, swimming or at the park. I know some kids even left with a short list of books they want to read next.


Mary Lee said...

Hey! Love the new look! (I know, I've been home almost a week...about time I started reading blogs again!)

And I love the combo reading-hockey event you sponsored! I'm dreaming of a world where it's the most natural thing for kids to get together to read along with their play.

Karen said...

Great idea, Katie! It sounds like the best of all worlds -- play, food, and books!! What lucky children!

Karen S. said...

It sounds like so much fun!