Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No teacher talk

No teacher talk was the agreement we made as my mom, my two sisters ( we all share the love and the profession of teaching in common) and brother (my brother is not a teacher but appreciated our intentional pact to leave work talk at home) spent 5 days away in humid, hot Florida. Our little get away has been fabulous. We had a ton of time to catch up talking, reading, lounging and just being ourselves. There were times that teacher talk (you know the talk about the classroom, books, kids and ideas we are having) would creep back into conversation and mom would often confront us and remind us that we were leaving it at home for a few days. I love teacher talk but I appreciated her reminders. It helped our conversation center more around each other and our lives. We thought out loud quite a bit with my youngest sister who is newly engaged envisioning colors, invites and all the exciting details that are attached to planning a wedding. We talked about our troubles and worries. We laughed and regressed back to silly antics of childhood. It was a true vacation.
I know that after today "teaching" will be a constant on my mind as the days to school beginning grow closer. With 5 full days without the Internet, email and "no teacher talk," I feel like my head is clear and I am ready to think through anything!


Stella said...

Welcome back! Nothing says vacation like no internet and emails! good for you! :)

Karen said...

I did the same thing at spring break -- very therapeutic! So glad you had such a nice time!

Mary Lee said...

I read the title and first sentence and said to you in my brain, "So...how'd that work out for you?!? (in a sarcastic tone of voice) And then I read. Good for you! It DID work out. (Good job, mom!)

And, yeah. Summer is, like, OVER, isn't it? Dang.

Franki said...

No teacher talk! Great idea--we have the same issue in our family--we are ALL teachers:-)

Karen S. said...

I am so glad you had some time to really relax and unwind - and better yet it was with family!

I know this year will be filled with 'teacher conversations'. I am looking forward to all of them.