Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kids Using Kidblog to Share Creations

I am just figuring out that I can share quicktime movies made by the kids here. Check out some of the stories kids have created about their past as we venture into understanding past and present in SS. I am not taking nearly enough time to reflect on how the kids have learned to create using software on our computer, export their creation as a movie and then upload it to the blog (yes, they were uploaded onto kidblog and shared with their classmates who commented on their creations). Two out of three of these kiddos have completely worked independently on this. I have been investing lots of time in using Pixie software with First Grade because it so easily allows them to create their own picture and text. They enjoy the time using the paint tools and they have felt empowered to try out lots of ideas using Pixie...not just these prompted stories about their past. They constantly surprise me with what they can accomplish when introduced to new tools for technology.


when I was little

when i was little


Mary Lee said...

I love it when little kids reflect on when they were little!

Our Learning Community: said...

My students LOVE kidblog!!!! Could your students create a how-to step sheet for my students interested in uploading movies? What a great way to connect classes.

maryellen said...

Dear Katie,
I loved the kids creations and listening to their reflections. I love your blog, too. It was great to meet you at NCTE and hear your presentation. Thanks.
Mary Ellen Lynch

katied said...

Hey Andrea-
We would love to create a step sheet ! I actually leave for a family wedding in Brazil next week so I am hoping after break would work. It will be great to connect!

Hi Mary Ellen!! It was great to meet you too and thanks for stopping by! I am anxious to check out your blog and connect!