Friday, September 3, 2010

Buzz Boy and Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

I loved reading the ninth book in the Fly Guy series. I love that it is about (superheroes). I also love that Tedd introduces us to yet another side of Buzz: he likes to write and read!!!! What more could a teacher ask for than a book about a boy with imagination that writes his adventure ideas into a book! In Tedd Arnold's newest Fly Guy book, Buzz Boy and Fly Guy, Buzz excitedly reads a story he created to his friend Fly Guy. Buzz's story, The Amazing Adventures of Buzz Boy and Fly Guy, is comic-book like with three chapters that detail the superheroes plans to cleverly out wit pirates who have taken them to a dragon cave. With super-strength, superloudness, a superskeleton key and the ability to fly, the superheroes prevail. The story ends with Buzz asking Fly Guy if he wants to read it again ( love it)!!! Looking forward to reading it on Tuesday!

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Mary Lee said...

I have the lowest readers of my career this year. I think I need to get all the Fly Guy books for them!!