Sunday, September 5, 2010

the Band book by Ilanit Oliver

Not sure if silly bands are all over the arms of your students but they been pretty popular here in Ohio. Lee Kolbert of Geekymomma's blog posted a response to her feelings about banning the bands here last spring. They don't bother me so much. I know kids like adults are interested in the latest trends and silly bands seem to be the new toy to chat about at recess, trade on the bus and wear everywhere. This weekend I found the Band book at Sam's Club and picked a couple up for the classroom. If they love wearing them, I figure they'll enjoy reading about them.

I shared the book with the siblings of the boys soccer team to see what kids thought of it. The 2nd and 3rd grade girls sat for half the game with it. This book is filled with 30 questions
about bands, like...What is the rarest band you have? What is your favorite band? If you had to
give up one of your bands, which one would it be? The actual book begins: It's time to get silly. Then, throughout the book the bands come to life all as they are embedded in photo-
graphs of school places and situations. For example, on one page the octopus and alligator band are hanging upside down on the monkey bars with a speech bubble from the alligator that reads, "Dude, I can totally feel the blood rushing to my head." The silly photos and expressions are typical of intermediate and middle school kids.
At the back of the book there are 10 pages of "band check off lists" where kids can check off the bands they have. If not for your classroom, this may make a great gift for the holidays!


Rabin said...

It's great how you've taken something that some teachers find annoying (children constantly playing with those bands) and turned it into a literacy experience. I'll look for the book and see if I can share it with my new students (NYC school year starts this week).

Lee Kolbert said...

This is great and thanks for the Shout Out! This year I've been rewarding my kids with the Silly Bandz. My rule is "On your wrist or in my hands." They can play with them at recess. If they become a problem that we can't work out then we take it from there (regarding banning). So far, it's not been a problem. Great post, I'll have to check out the book.

Mrs. Warren said...

What a fun book! Thank you for finding it. While my granddaughters may enjoy it as a Christmas gift, I shall also post it for the teachers. I haven't heard any problems, so far, but not being at a school site I hear things a bit later.

Lee, love your ability to "try before banning." Wish that many administrators felt the same way.