Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Swim! Swim! by Lerch (James Proimos)

I read Swim! Swim! at Cover to Cover earlier this summer. I was drawn to the animation-like pictures, the many comic-like panels on the pages and the voice of this determined fish (who tells the story completely in word bubbles...I was thinking great text to show in writing workshop) named Lurch. Lurch is in search of a friend. He is not afraid to ask anyone or anything in his bowl if they will be his friend. With no luck, he declares, "It's official. No one loves me." Then, a super surprising ending and help from a cat turns his loneliness into love!

I think Swim! Swim! will be a great book to read aloud the first week of school when kids are forming new friendships and feeling a little alone. It will be a simple text and message to share with young kids about the importance of helping each other.


Anonymous said...

Love the graphics and artist's ability to give facial expression to a fish ...and the story is super good.

Heidi said...

My kids (5 & 2) and I love this book! We can read it over and over again. "Lunch, Meet Dinner"
Can't explain why it's funny but it is.