Saturday, August 1, 2009

Words Are Like Faces by Edith Baer

I am always looking for books about words. Last year we started a basket in our classroom library that we put books that helped us think about patterns, meanings and spellings of words. This summer I found, Words Are Like Faces, a book that speaks of the strength of words. I will be using it to kick off our discussion of word study in the classroom.

Edith Baer rhymes the text as she writes and explains the beauty of words. She writes of the many characteristics of words: spoken, written and mailed. She writes of the loveliness of words and the ugliness of words. She makes many comparisons throughout the book giving it a poetic feel. I like...words can be plain like a loaf of fresh bread, comforting words like your very own bed. She ends the book encouraging the reader to: use words to get off your chest what your trying to hide--words tell what people feel deep inside. I just love this last line. For me writing words is one of the best therapies for expressing excitement, frustration and stress. It it healing. Here's hoping Edith's words about words inspire some thinking from my second grader's.

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Sounds like a wonderful book! Thanks for posting the review.