Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wheels on the Bus Alternatives

Yesterday I found a book (older and in paperback) called The Seals on the Bus at my favorite bookstore.  I noticed the illustrator, Brian Karas, first and then noticed how repetitive and simply written this Wheels on the Bus alternative happened to be.  I know it will make a great addition to the song book basket. 

 It will sit among a couple classic versions and the alternatives my students love like:

Do you have a version you love?


kirsten said...

A friend of mine just linked me to your blog. I've just added it to my Google Reader and I'm looking forward to reading more.

I love that you posted this today -- I'm in a workshop with other teachers this week and my brain is just full of young children possibilities and this goes along so well. I have a selection of a lot of different folk tales, and I think I'd like to build a collection of song books, too.

Franki said...

I have a basket of these ready for the library. But I only know 3 of the ones you mentioned. Hmmm. I have to go find the others..