Monday, May 25, 2009


Memorial Day is more than remembering. I have read an article or two, watched a video news piece and read some blog posts all dedicated to remembering today. Andy Rooney mentions in his 2008 article that "remembering doesn't do the remembered any good of course. It's for ourselves the living." His words had me thinking about how remembering is just not enough,that a part of Memorial Day should be remembering to live with the spirit of service. Just like the brave women and men who served our country, we can give back in that same spirit on a daily basis.

I think about the ways my own mom has modeled service for our family. From giving her time to prison ministry to the simplicity of inviting a stranger in for a meal. My mom is always giving.

Tonight we prayed for the people who have served our country as we sat down to eat. We remembered family members and friends who served our land. Will they be forgotten tomorrow? Not if we remember to serve and give as they did.

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