Friday, May 22, 2009

Lines that Wiggle by Candace Whitman

This new picture book, Lines that Wiggle, by author Candace Whitman and first time illustrator Steve Wilson is very fun! There are so many reasons for liking it. The book is guided by a glittery line that travels throughout the story. Each page has the kids using the picture to help them think about something made up of wiggly lines: the waves of the water, the lines on a leaf, the threads of a spiderweb and more. The text rhymes...lines that tickle, lines that sprout, bugs have lines that stick right out!
It is pure fun and has inspired many writers to write their own similar books like Curly Lines and Straight Lines. I have had a few kids love to begin think and sort information that made sense for their stories. The writer of Curly Lines has written about eyelashes and fries. Again, pure fun. The only worry I had was that one word on each page is written in cursive. It has kept a few from being able to read the page easily but has not stopped them from using it as a mentor text. I put the worries aside and I am glad I did!

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Melissa said...

I can't wait to read this. Thanks for the review.