Saturday, February 28, 2009

Their Pick

I found a book at the library called Their Are Cats In This Book. I thought of my students the minute I read it. I had a hunch it would be a favorite read after buying it for the classroom.

It is full of cats and lifting flaps. The cats invite you in in by asking "Who are you?" and then engage in conversation with the reader throughout the book. The cats are playful and keep kids guessing. I wasn't in love with the entire story but rather by the fact that I knew kids would be drawn to playing with this book. I have seen student after student take the book home to share with their family. It usually lives in our "Dog and Cat Basket" of books but it never seems to find its way home. These days it is quite often in a reader's hands! Check it out!

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Cat said...

This is a delightful book! It's now on my list of "sure fire read-alouds" for nearly any age that will sit and listen to a picture book.