Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six Year Old Stories

So much of first grade literacy is about writing, listening to and telling stories. I am always trying to make time and listen to the important stories that happen in the lives of my students. This year I have experimented with a daily storytelling by a student. This has helped my kids "prewrite" their stories they often create during workshop.

Today my little friend S started her story..."My dog's eyeball popped out."

Another Kindergarten friend of mine began our conversation with, "Hi Mrs.. DiCesare, I threw up this morning."

I am not trying to make fun here but rather embrace their storytelling abilities. They have a natural sense for attention-getting leads. Don't you want to know more ?


Jenny said...

Yes! How could you leave us hanging like that? (Especially about the dog's eye - wow.)

Maureen said...

I heard the same throw-up story, but much prefered G's choice to write about his fishing trip with his dad and brother! Yuck. I suppose it would have made for an interesting illustration! Too funny.

Jennifer Gilbert said...

Hi Katie! I just had to add that I, too, got the eyeball popping dog story this morning. (S's sister). It's a great way to start a morning, isn't it?? Love your blog! -Jen

Stella said...

Katie, this is fantastic! I've just made a presentation on Developing Oral Language for our staff at school and this is a perfect example of that! Our children need a chance to speak, to share, to talk, to respond. Thank you for sharing Katie!

Vivian said...

These are eye-opening. Six-year-olds are natural born storytellers.