Sunday, October 26, 2008

New find: One Boy

Yesterday, I was wishing that author Laura Vaccaro Seeger would add another title to her Dog and Bear Series because it is such a good first grade read. There are so many things I like about it…it is funny, builds picture reading and comprehension work and it works as a series I can hand over for independent reading. My transitional readers are successful jumping into this and my early readers having heard it, pick it up for a challenge and then practice. It is an overall great series for the "dog and cat" book basket it sits in on the shelf in our room.
Today I was at Barnes and Nobles and happened to come upon some great finds. I spotted Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s name on a new book called One Boy ( I was bummed it wasn't a Dog and Bear title but I loved some other things about this book…keep reading). One Boy is a counting story about a boy who the reader is first introduced to sitting on a chair with a bag of paint brushes. The text on the opposite page reads…1 One Boy. As you turn the page, a square hole that has served as the frame for the picture of the boy allows you to see how the word “one” is inside the words on the following page. These words read all alone. The story continues with the use of the frame or square hole which allows the reader to see how words are inside of other words…like 3 Three Apes: Big escape. It is very clever and lends to great talk about words. I also like the fact that there is still a story that flows through the pictures that the reader has opportunity for discovery at the end. I can’t wait to read it tomorrow

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