Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Considerations for primary learners

As the school year draws closer, I am already thinking about my assessment notebooks, curriculum packets, letters to kids and parents and all the good stuff that goes with the beginning of the year! As I was thinking, I jotted a quick list of factors that I am constantly trying to balance. Here goes...

1. Routine- Familiar, simple, visual.

2. Stamina- How much can they handle and for how long?

3. Scaffolding- The releasing of the kite string, patching and comforting...each learner needs a different amount of support.

4. Differentiating- How can I meet the needs of learners who are at different place and learn differently?

5. Inquiry- I think of it as the natural tool for turning learning into "fun." Guiding kids to explore, notice and take the lead in learning.

6. Identity as a learner...kids understanding themselves as learners, learning how to learn.

7. Student Balance- Looking at the whole child---academically, socially, emotionally.

What am I missing? So much to think about...


Vivian said...

Sounds like you've done a thorough job mapping things out. The only thing I'd add, from the parent's perspective, which would a subset of your #4, is finding a way to teach children how to balance pride in their achievements and empathy with children who need more help.

Good luck getting ready for your school year! Your new students are fortunate to have you.

Mary Lee said...

New title for post: Considerations for ALL learners!

The clarity of your thinking is stunning!!!

Sarah said...

I loved this list! I want to remind myself not to overthink as I get ready to go back. I tend to reinvent the wheel every Fall. Thanks for helping me to focus on the heart of what we do and how we need to approach the unusual journey of "back to school".