Sunday, May 11, 2008

Seizing the Day on Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Even though the weather was miserable here in Dublin, Ohio, I have enjoyed every bit of this day. I think it it because I told my husband (days before) that I would be most happy doing just what I wanted to do. I didn't know exactly what that was until today. As a mom with younger children (5,7 and 8) and a teacher of young kids(6-7 yr olds), I knew that I wanted a day away. I love my immediate family but we are with each other all the time and I decided not to feel guilty being away from them on Mother's Day. So, I spent the entire day with my own Mom and it was heaven (it helps that we enjoy the same things). We walked to breakfast, talked, decided to sit on the couch (I never do this) and watch a movie, read magazines, ate ice cream, planned a trip to Florida this summer and just hung out. I am rejuvenated after was just what I needed ( my mom was thrilled too).

I also thought about a mother I watched and then briefly spoke to as I was waiting to eat breakfast at the local First Watch. She was juggling an infant while her husband sat on a bench next to her 4 year old who was moaning "I am soo hungry!" I looked at her and smiled saying "I know the feeling." (I don't know if I should have said anything but I felt compelled to console her and the frustration she was having) She replied "looks like you don't have your kids today." She then looked at her husband and said "that's what I would have liked to have too." Don't worry, her own children weren't aware of the conversation. It didn't appear that she was saying I don't love you family, just "I need a break." I remember feeling the same way a few years ago. We do need breaks and it is so hard to find time for them. I just decided that this year Mother's Day was about me and my mom.

Every mom feels a bit different about this day. It has taken me 8 years as a mom to figure out what works for me and I am happy to say that this year I was comfortable enjoying the time with my own mom, away from everyday stress of meals, dishes and clean up and for this year, ironically, even time away from my own family. I don't know if I will feel this way in the years to come. I have to balance my mom, my husband's mom and of course the fact that I am a mom. How do we make everyone happy? I can't predict yet how I'll feel about even next year's Mother's Day. I was just happy I made executive decisions for myself this year.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mom's out there!!! Enjoy today!

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