Saturday, May 3, 2008

Reading Moment

Each Saturday morning I take time to visit the blogger's world and check in with Choice Literacy to check out the weekly newsletter and featured articles. As I was reading to myself this morning, my five year old kept tugging at my arm. "Wanna read Mommy?" he said. My first thought was no, I am right in the middle of my own thing. I forgot he was there and read on. A few minutes later he tugged again and then started to climb on my lap. I then remembered how I said no to reading to him before bed last night because it was late, it was Friday and I was tired. As I stared at the screen I told him in my teacher-like voice to grab 3 books and meet me in the family room. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, "I awready have 17 books in the family room." Ok, it is time for me to read to my son (I thought)! I closed up the laptop and we curled up together enjoying books!

Later, I thought about how Mo(my five year old) is loving books, making choices about what he wants to read, finding a place that is comfortable to read and doing this independently. Wow, I have been working to help 22 first graders do this all year. It is so cool to watch it happen so naturally at home.


Jenny said...

My oldest is about the same age and I've noticed the same thing. It is wonderful!

The downside is that I wish all my students had the same thing at home. Many of them do, but I'm sad for the ones that don't. Their parents don't realize the importance, don't have the resources available, or don't have the time due to working multiple jobs. I want them to be starting school with all the possible advantages they could have.

And, thanks for the reminder about spending time reading with my kids. I find myself putting them off much too often.

katied said...


Thanks for your comments. I hear you and agree. I feel like it makes my job even that much more important. After this year, I am wanting to experiment more with the home piece. What strategies can we use to help parents bridge literacy from school to home? I think some need more than books coming home in bags. Lots to think about!

Karen said...

Ok, as a mom, I totally get it. We love both our jobs (mom and teacher) so much that we become immersed in whichever one we're engaged in at the moment.

I'm so glad Mo got your attention, however. What a wonderful afternoon you had with him -- I miss the days of curling up with a little one and reading, reading, reading!

For me, it's making sure I pay attention when my teenager and 20 year old are trying to get my attention in their ways. Thanks for the blog -- it was a lovely reminder of what is important. said...

I can sooo relate. My oldest is in kindergarten and loves looking at picture books and "reading" them to himself, but, as he's not yet moved to reading print independently yet, he much prefers it when I read to him. There are nights when I'm just bone tired, but I push myself in anticipation of that moment when he cracks the code and we can snuggle up and read together.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Katied! Your last entry spoke to my heart. I, too, have a Mo, who enjoys choosing how our reading time together will be and what kinds of books we will read together (non-fiction always!). Thank you for reminding me of how important it is to stop and relish in our little ones desires to read! Lisa, Dublin, Ohio

debrennersmith said...

Isn't it so awesome when the kids in our own homes love the books we read them. "I already have 17!" I love this line! Read away!