Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vacation Photos

Purple and green water toy $5
Black and gray swim shirt $20
Expression on Larry's face...priceless
Oh yea...he was aiming right for his brothers.

in and out of the pool
cannon balls, straight jumps, diving for a ball
Curly never stops moving even after a fall
you're wondering... why there isn't a better pic?
I tried and tried but know no photography tricks

"I can swim!"
Moe wouldn't get out of the pool after realizing that swimmies actually hold him up.
He enjoyed his newly found freedom until he walked into the pool without them on...
don't worry I was there and pulled him out right away (it was scary but a good lesson).
Swim Lessons at Metro V will be mandatory this summer !

Overall, we had a fabulous break...back to school tomorrow!


Manpreet said...

Wonderful pics,
your boys are sooooo cute,

Franki said...

Great pictures--they all look like they are having a great time!