Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break!!!!

It began today at 3:45pm...10 consecutive days away from my home away from home (Mrs. DiCesare's First Grade Classroom). Yes, I am ready! Ready for what?

1. I am ready to do what I want to do with my time ( of course I will be fitting that in between the needs of my family but I 'll take what I get)

2. I am ready to watch movies with my kids ( I bought Hairspray and Mimzy for the 18 hr car ride to Ft. Myers Beach). I am sure I will re-watch the Harry Potter series as well as Eragon and maybe even a bit of Dora and Max and Ruby for my just 5, five year old.

3.I am ready to feel the sun blanket and soothe me to sleep as I relax on the recliner.

4.I am ready to eat out, experience the sun setting into the ocean and hang with my brother who practically lives on the beach (he works for Bonita Jet Ski and
Para Sail).

5. I am ready to talk with Grandma DiCesare, listen to her memories, and give her a hug.

6. I am ready to have time to practice being a mom again, to share thoughts and dreams with my husband and just to exist away from the classroom. I will be nice not to feel like Mrs. DiCesare this week.

All of these things will help make it easier to return to room 114 . With this break, I know I will be ready to"spring" right back into the last months of first grade.

I'll check in later this week...if you are on spring break, ENJOY!


Megan Germano said...

See ya there, chick! Well, actually I will be in Naples, but close enough! Bring on the SUN!

Jen Barney said...

Have fun you lucky gal!!!

Manpreet said...

Yep Lucky you are girl,
I wont be having any March break (given that I teach in a college in India), though I will be having my May-June Break.
My kids are having the March break and I will be working on my PhD thesis.

Sarah Amick said...

Oh, I am so jealous! I absolutely love the ocean. I truly believe that I am a misplaced person living in the midwest. I think God planted me wrongly. Is that a word?
Can't wait to hear what the break was like!

Mary Lee said...

Enjoy your well-earned rest in the sun! said...


We totally relate to the need for teachers to refuel in order to come back stronger in the classroom. Spring break isn't for several more weeks in our school, but we're looking forward to our own rest, as well as coming back to teachers feeling the same way you anticipate feeling--ready to tackle the rest of the year. Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

Karen said...

Your wording is perfect! I also needed to be Karen, not Mrs. Terlecky, for one whole week. It was fabulous! I do feel rejuvenated!
Hope you do, too!