Sunday, October 28, 2007

Books with voice

Melanie Watt held the trophy for the kid's favorite picture book last year. Yes, Scaredy Squirrel never remained in the Melanie Watt basket of books for long. "Where is Scaredy Squirrel Mrs. DiCesare?" little L would always say. L and I would make a general announcement as to its whereabouts and the borrowing from one another would begin. Why can't schools provide 5 copies of new favorite picture books (I usually buy 1 for the classroom) instead of 5 copies of leveled books. My kids always want the new, brightly colored, full- of- voice and humor picture book. Ok, back to the purpose of the post. This year, the book that is in sought out daily is a book I found last spring by David Horvath titled Bossy Bear. David is also the co-creator of uglydolls. I knew I had spotted these ugly creatures around town. My own boys love Bossy Bear and would be thrilled to have an uglydoll (Christmas is around the corner). My favorite is Moxy. David also blogs at UGLYBLOG. Check him out!

When I first read Bossy Bear this spring, I laughed out loud and immediately jumped into character pretending to be the little blue tyrant. Just looking at Bossy Bear, I felt his selfishness...the spotlight, his gold crown and cape and the word "mine" coming from his head. He is all about what he wants and that is why I think this book hits home with many of my kiddos.
Bossy Bear's favorite word is GIMMIE! He demands things to go his way, yells at others when he has to wait, and he orders others around. As you can imagine, he doesn't have many friends. When a little pig and dog do ask him to play, it is his way or the highway. And that is when Bossy Bear realizes the pain of lonliness. The pain is short lived as he orders someone new ( a turtle) to hand over his balloon. Surprisingly, the turtle does and Bossy Bear questions, "you don't think I am bossy?"
"You are bossy," said the turtle.
"But you don't have to be."
Turtle's acceptance and honesty is the beginning to a new friendship and the ending of the book.

Just this past week K asked me... "Where is Bossy Bear Mrs. DiCesare?" This weekend I purchased my 2nd copy for the classroom!! Kids love to read and reread books with voice. I can't wait to tie this one into writing workshop too!!

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Amy said...

Thanks for this review. I'm going to check this one out. I love books that allow you to really get into character as you read the story aloud.