Sunday, September 9, 2007

New back to school books

I know school has started for most of us but I didn't want to forget about those newer books I've added to my back to school collection. I reserved these at the library after reading about them in a link provided by Big A little a in her weekend review earlier this month. Here they are:

The Bus Stop by Janet Morgan Stoeke
I love the pictures in this happy , rhyming story. It feels like one of those books you want to read again and again. Short amount of text on each page and new characters to meet all on their way to the bus stop! If you enjoy books by this Minerva Louise author, your sure to enjoy this catchy find.

Lissy's Friends by Grace Lin
Learn how to fold a paper crane, learn how it feels to be new, learn how to make a new friend...Grace Lin gives us so many lessons in this beautifully illustrated book. Lissy is a likable new girl who is a little shy and finds comfort in her craft for creating origami creatures. Her mom, of course, encourages her to go outside with the other kids to play after school. She ventures out with her paper companions until they fly away with a strong wind. It is then that she meets Paige, who brings back her paper crane and their friendship unfolds.

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