Saturday, September 22, 2007

How do you find balance?

It is Saturday and my brain woke me up around 5:30am. My body was telling me to stay in bed but one thought stood out among the zillions dancing in my brain:

I haven't exercised in days.

Believe it or not I purposely have been allowing myself to sleep in and slow down this week. Life has been too busy and I felt the need to listen to my heart and turn it down a notch. It has worked (in some ways). I haven't been as rushed with my own children in the morning. My have approached my classroom with a "slow it down" attitude instead of a "we have to get it all done" attitude. BUT... I haven't been sleeping. My nights are restless and I wake up early with what I am thinking is stress. No exercise= no way for me to release stress. AHHHHH!

I thought about a conversation I had this week with a friend who was battling with BALANCE. I am too. It feels like September is one of the hardest months. What would I do without the weekend? I get to read a little, write a little, clean a little and rethink how I will try to juggle and balance life for the week ahead.


Jen Barney said...

I am with ya on this one.... Between my own children's weekend activities and everything else.... ahhh! I have been doing stretches and pilates at home.... it helps with the sleeping!
Hope you get a good nights sleep soon!

Jen Barney said...
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Sarah Amick said...

I have had a child with strep throat this weekend. I haven't seen a good nights sleep in two days. AHHHH! Since starting full time as a first grade teacher, at least once a month (at least!) I wake up in the middle of the night, fully naked, shower running and ready to enter the shower! I think it's the stress, I'm not sure! Oh, well. I don't think there is a balance, I think you just live and either be happy or miserable, it's your choice! Lots of luck to the sleeping.

Sarah Amick said...

Hey Katie, I had my kiddo share today and it went well. I really guided his writing for his first piece because I really wanted to push him and get at least something out there. Literally he just sat during writing! Yikes!
Today he finished, gosh is he bright, and his vocabulary is, wow! He shared, I had the kids share some things that he did really well, and then we celebrated. I asked if his words mattered? And they all want to hear more. It went really well. I hope to post more later. Thanks for caring Katie!