Sunday, April 20, 2014

If Not For Franki Celebration!!

What better way to celebrate this Easter Sunday than taking time to reflect on being thankful for such a good friend! Happy Birthday Franki! What would we do without you?!

 I feel like I could write forever about all the reasons this amazing friend has influenced my life as a mom, teacher and friend. It has been hard to keep it to just a few. Here goes...

If not for Franki (and Mary Lee)…I wouldn't be here on this blog!!  Their blog inspired me to find a place for my voice years ago when my children were young and at home! Now I am living in the car and focusing on a book so the posting isn't as consistent as years ago.  Blogging along with many, many conversations with her about life and teaching have constantly help me refine my own understanding of the world. She always plays devil's advocate and forces me to see the other side of any issue but she also listens when I am a mess…doesn't she?! I mean that really is what is so great about her.

If not for Franki…I wouldn't know half the people I know! She has this insane knack for bringing us all together, making sure all feel welcome and worrying about us if we don't. Thanks Franki!

If not for Franki…I wouldn't have a new found love of gambling. Who knew?! Yes, I will say I enjoy the poker slot machines and if not for her enthusiam for the casino, I would not have realized this about myself!! She is so good about bringing the fun to everything she does.

If not for Franki…I wouldn't have had the opportunity to work with Brenda at Choice Literacy and see myself as an author who could be possibly finishing a book this year (a shout out to Ruth too because I haven't been able to do it without you too)! Thank you for reading my texts when writing is hard and anwering my random questions. I think the world of you and appreciate your support:)

Franki, thank you for being you!  Looking forward to learning and laughing (and yes, we will be laughing) with you next next year in 3rd!!
 Enjoy your day:)


Franki said...

Thanks, Katie!! You are all making my nagging sound so positive! Feeling lucky to have such great friends.

Mary Lee said...

You two will be a combined force for good in the world next year in 3rd! I envy the laughter!!

Katherine Sokolowski said...

Yay, Katie! We talked about your book this summer, but I didn't know you were close. So happy for you! And apparently I should have spent some time with you guys at NCTE Vegas. I still hate gambling. If anyone could turn that around, it would be Franki. :)

josie said...

So excited that your book is close! I too am envious of you and Franki together again! Glad I had at least those two years with you both way back! Loving the commonalities in these posts - great themes of a great friend!

Cathy said...

As I'm moving from blog to blog, I think Franki just has a knack for seeing what people have to offer and helping them to find a way share it. I enjoyed stopping by your blog and was thrilled to see you posting.


debf said...

I am happy to read how Franki has touch your life and to read your words, but I feel it may be distracting you from something. What could that be…. hmmm, Oh yeah, THE BOOK! (no pressure)

Betty Rose said...

I loved this book, I read it as a given literacy activities and I loved it! Great blog too

Sean Tiner said...

Continue the friendship! A great book for children is "THE ADVENTURES OF CEE LO THE DUCK" On Amazon's Kindle: