Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Digging Deeper with Noisy Bug Sing-Along

Just finding Noisy Bug Sing-Along was exciting because I LOVE John Himmelman!  I love Katie Loves the Kittens and found out there is a DVD available (yay!) as well as a another in the series: Katie and the Puppy Next Door coming out in a few weeks.  Then I started digging deeper into Noisy Bug Sing Along,  I also found a link that allows the kids to hear the actual insect sounds he teaches us about on each page. This idea of linking kids to extend their learning in a book is huge. I think when we show kids how to find more helps kids become aware how how they can be deeper readers. Talking about why digging deeper will help them uncover different types of texts and information and then how the information is different or the same has been our discussion during reading workshop the past 2 weeks. I think my kids are closer to making some realizations about why digging deeper benefits the as a reader but for now I am showing them my process.
Now, the book, at first glance I thought was it was a great mentor for young non-ficiton writers.  It has a thoughtful beginning, teaches kids about the sounds bugs make in one sentence, includes craft like descriptive language, bold fonts highlighting the name of the bug and sounds and a connected ending.  I feel like I need to thank him for creating a text that is simple enough for young minds to study but includes enough depth for stronger readers to learn more.  The last two pages in this book detail information about sound waves and what they really sound like.  He also gives us small photographs and paragraphs that teach us even more about each of the bugs featured in the book.

This book was a the focus for reading, writing and word learning yesterday.  I am anxious to share how this book is working for the kids in my class. Just yesterday, a little girl creating a How to Ice Skate book added sound words (SHH) to her picture of an ice skate stoping on the ice  and mentioned she is trying to write like John Himmelman. Again, thank you John!


debf said...

I love finding the "extras" that add to our favorite books! We started a Book Trailers and Authors page on our Weebly site just for the "extras." I will have to grab this book and add the extras to our site!
Thanks Katie!


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Anonymous said...

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Danielle said...

This is a very fun book! I love involving as many senses as possible when writing, reading, thinking. When my first graders and I explore non-fiction research writing, they choose an animal to write about and read and read and read. I find audio and video recordings of their animals. The whole class is enthralled every time. What a difference it makes. It gives them added incentive to write more and better. It makes the animals come alive in their imagination. It helps them ask much deeper and much more thoughtful questions.