Wednesday, July 27, 2011

School Shopping 2: Word Play and Practice

I was unpacking lots of goodies today that I purchased from Resources for Reading and Really Good Stuff.

First the blue cylindar shaped supply bin (of which I bought five for the tables around the room) will hold the pencils, scissors, glue sticks and colored pencils for each table. The white trays, tactile letters, large letter stencils and blue polymer molding stuff are all for word play. I always need sturdy industrial strength magnets (yellow) and I bought 3 bags of colored magnetic counters because the kids always love to sort, pour, pretend with little trinkets. Lastly, I am trying the Ticonderoga triangular shaped first write pencils for students who may still need help with their pencil grip (seem to always have a few).

Last year I purchased letters and strings for my word play and practice. I often find myself looking for fun things that kids can use when playing with letters and exploring words. I also have tried to set up some areas designated for play and exploration with words.

I used this stand with magetic white board last year. This year, I found a small tray with dry erase capability. I like it because it has a little depth to the tray top so it can contain plastic letters, polymer sand, playdough, etc. It also folds up nicely to fit under my white table.

I am thinking about placing a basket of books at the end of the table that engage kids in word play. I like How to Build An A and Animal Soup. I think a few alphabet books would be great and Ook the Book for later on when we think about rhyme and notice patterns in words. I will also have our name chart (student's pics and names) close by or possibly handy so kids can make and talk about each other's names.

For now, let the thinking continue for room set up and new ideas.


Writerly Wanna Be said...

Here we go again...have a great school year!

Mandy said...

Great thinking and tools to get you started. I too have various pencils on each table as a choice. I ordered golf pencils to help some early writers. A suggestion from my OT. just a thought.

Bets's Blog said...

I heard a neat idea recently. Press clay into a plastic lid (like a butter tub or cool whip top). Press it so it fills the lid and makes a writing surface. Using a golf tee, the students write words into the clay then use their finger tip to erase. Thought this sounded great for fine motor development!

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