Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cat Secrets by Jeff Czekaj

It seems like sometime since I have posted about a new favorite book that has grabbed my readers and my writers. So today I want to tell you about a book that Franki told me about. This book is called Cat Secrets by Jeff Czekaj.

When I purchased it, I noticed that Jeff Czekaj had written another book I blogged about last year called Hip and Hop Don't Stop, another fun book about friendship. Check out his website and blog!

Cat Secrets is a fun and interactive book ONLY for cats. So, you can imagine the laughter that erupts after reading aloud "Stop! Stop reading right now. This book is for CATS only!" And then you can imagine the meows as you read, "Okay, if you are really a cat, let's hear you meow." Hopefully you are beginning to understand how this book hooks readers. I noticed too, after reading it during a writing workshop lesson, that it inspired lots of writers with ideas for their own book of secrets. We have many versions of Dog Secrets in process. Don't leave without checking out the trailer for the book. I can't wait to show it to my kids tomorrow!


Our Learning Community said...

The video is perfect! My daughter is off writing a Guinea Pig Secrets book as we speak....The joys of mentor texts!

debf said...

Can't wait to get my hands on this book! I am sure my kids will LOVE it!

maryellen said...

I loved the book trailer and just ordered Cat Secrets. Thanks.

Tara and Dale said...

Adding this to my order immediately! Thanks for sharing the book love. :)