Thursday, July 8, 2010

Benny and Penny in The Toy Breaker

I stopped by my mom's tonight and noticed she had purchased the newest in the primary graphic novel series: Benny and Penny. I was very excited to see the third in this series written by Geoffrey Hayes. Benny and Penny and the Big No- No ( the second in the series ) is reviewed here. The original Benny and Penny in Just Pretend is mentioned here in Mary Lee's post about graphic novels for our youngest readers.

In this third book, Benny and Penny are in the middle of searching for loot using their treasure map when their cousin Bo shows up. Both immediately hide as many toys as possible as they have him deemed as "toy breaker." In fact, they do everything possible to try not to include him in play and he does everything possible to ruin their pretend game. After breaking Penny's toy monkey, teasing and trying to jump into their hunt for treasure, Bo comes to realize on his own that Benny and Penny don't want him to play. He runs away getting stuck in the backyard fence where he needs help. Benny and Penny come to the rescue and Bo is thankful. The threesome end up resolving their frustrations (by using their words) and they all decide to just PLAY!

I love that the troubles Benny and Penny have are similar to what happens when kids play together outside in the backyard or in the basement. I also love that Geoffrey has a Benny and Penny Blog that you can visit and read and enjoy quick stories and illustrations of Benny and Penny weekly. Toon- books also has a Carton Maker where you can choose characters, props, text and backgrounds for creating a scene that includes your favorite toon characters. You can then email it or print it. Very fun for kids who love these characters. The new book and the site will keep the 7 year old busy tomorrow afternoon.

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