Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can I Play Too? by Mo Willems

This note has been taped to the desk- type area in our mud room. My 7 year old has been anticipating the newest Elephant Piggy Book that was due out June 8th. I watched him compose this reminder note about 2 weeks ago. He went to amazon, typed and searched the title (which he already knew somehow?) and then wrote : June 8th Can I Play To, Elephant and Piggy Book. I was fascinated at how easily he could independently find information about something he has been looking forward to reading. About a week later, he took the note down, searched amazon again and added the 8.99 at the top of the note to remind me of the price.

I have glanced at the note for weeks. You would have thought it would have motivated me to get on amazon and just order the book. In the back of my mind figured I could run to the book store with my son sometime this summer. But, the funniest thing happened on June 8th. I opened the mailbox to find the cardboard amazon box. To my surprise, I had pre- ordered it (way back in February...I totally forgot). It was an unexpected and happy surprise! And, after reading it, I think Can I Play Too is my new favorite in the series.

Mo Willems introduces us to a new friend who wants in on the playing action we are so used to with Elephant and Piggy. Elephant and Piggy graciously welcome this new friend into the action but they aren't sure he can play catch with a arms. No arms, no worries!!! The three figure it all out and keep you laughing along the way. I love the way Mo can so simply combine friendship, problem solving and humor into a story. Don't miss out on this for summer!


Carol said...

What a smart guy! And what a great story! I love Elephant and Piggy too! Can't wait to read this one!

Mary Lee said...

Go, 7 year-old! And hooray for pre-ordering on Amazon!!