Thursday, April 15, 2010

LMNOpeas by Keith Baker

I really love Keith Baker. You might know Big Fat Hen (I keep in my song books basket), Quack and Count (math read-aloud) or the Mr. and Mrs. Green series (so perfect for second grade). He has written a new alphabet book called LMNO peas . I read it last week as we thought about different ways writers end their stories and my kids loved it!

Keith introduces you to peas who live and work among the letters of the alphabet. The small vegetables become people-like and tell about the many jobs they have in the land of letters. (On pages H and I: We're hikers and inventors and investigators.) The text rhymes, story moves and the pictures are simple yet detailed. One of my readers came back to read the book during reading workshop and said she discovered a ladybug in each page. One writer decided to post an alphabet list on his blog of animals that begin with each letter. It definitely caught the attention of my second graders and had them rereading and creating.

Check out his books at his website Keith Baker Books!

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