Sunday, November 9, 2008

Finding time to post

Well, it has been yet another crazy week. I can't seem to find time to read and write what I would like to be thinking about. Since I have a few moments before jumping in the car for my son's hockey game, I thought I would list a few thoughts.

1. I am through 5, yes five full report cards including comments. Before getting this done, I had to go back to my assessments for refreshers on my kids. Math assessments, notes I make while kids read and running records for a few and the most abstract...writing. I have kept a growing portfolio for my writers, student reflection for Sept and Oct published pieces and a rubric I created for our Oct unit on story writing (small moment, personal narrative...whatever you like calling it). I am not sure if I liked jumping into story writing this early in the year for first graders but this group as a whole seemed ready and you know we will come back to it all year. It also is the biggie for first grade in terms of Ohio standards. Next week we will start a unit I found in Katie W Ray's About the Author's. It is a fun way to help kids understand and craft pieces using punctuation.

2. I just received my very first NCTE convention looks more like the NCTE bible for the convention being held in San Antonio, TX. I am a first timer at this convention and can't wait!! Any bloggers with tips...I will take them!

3. I read Punk Farm this week after buying it at Border's this week. Well I never expected it to be such a hit. I read it aloud and my students immediately wanted to hear it again. "Again, again!" they chanted. We read it again . I just went to search info about the book and realized there is a Punk Farm on Tour as well. I also found the web page Punk Farm Space. This page has a version of Old Mac Donald from the story. It is a riot. I am absolutely playing the song for the kids tomorrow especially after trying to imitate what it would sound like ourselves. Very fun...

4. I have been noticing that my kids feel that my husband and I are nagging to much (which we are ) and we think they are not listening and complaining too much (which they are). We sat down for a family talk about what to do about it and also laid down the law about respect. We all agreed to start helping one another. We'll see how it goes. I think the conversation is know just like in the classroom. We'll see how it goes.
Have a great week!


Terry said...

Have you seen Punk Farm "the video"? Very cute. They played it in my daughter's Kindergarten class last fall. A smash!

It must be a "respectful" time of year. We just had that same conversation in our house this weekend.

Bill said...

I did Punk Farm on Tour in THE PIT last year using my best heavy metal voice to sing "The Wheels on the Van" and then the book didn't stay on the shelf. They are too fun!

Anonymous said...

I will be a first timer at NCTE as well. Thank goodness I got the program before I arrived.

Karen S. said...

1.) Skim and scan through the whole program.
2.) Go through a second time marking the sessions that seem interesting to you even if they are scheduled at the same time (you can choose later!)
3.) Look for people you know and want to hear. (Look through the index of speakers at the back of the program)
4.) Have lots of fun! Enjoy a margarita!
5.) Come back and share.

I can't wait to go!

Mary Lee said...

Do you know OLD MACDONALD HAD A WOODSHOP by Lisa Shulman? First of all, Old MacDonald is a woman. A woman with tools! A woman who knows how to use her tools! (She's also a sheep, but in a fuzzy way, not in a following way.) The sounds in the song are the sounds of the tools, and you'll never guess what she and her animal helpers build!

Karen said...

Listening to Bill read this book aloud to all the kids in library last year was a hoot!!

I'm so jealous about NCTE -- sounds like it will be a lot of fun; jam-packed with all sorts of things to do and see! I'll let you be my mentor next year when I go for my first time!

Stella said...

I haven't heard about Punk Farm! Adding to my list! and are right..conversation is the key! have a great weekend!