Friday, April 4, 2008

48 Hour Book Challenge

Mother Reader is hosting the 3rd annual book challenge and I am bound and determined to give it a try this year. The challenge is this June 6-8 (which happens to be just perfect for me because it is my first weekend of summer break). It is also do-able because I have planted the seed with my husband that I will need him to help entertain the kids and I may even line up a sitter for Friday.
Knowing and reading primarily picture books on a daily basis, I have some adult books I am looking forward to reading and some ya books lined up (Barbara O'Connor series) but would love to hear some of your recent and favorite reads.
I am looking forward to this challenge and feeling like it will be a perfect way to treat myself to a bit of me time!!


Anonymous said...

I started O'Connor's book, Greetings From Nowhere and I cannot put it down. I also recommend all of the DuPrau books (City of Ember, etc,)Deborah Wiles books (especially Love, Ruby Lavender), and each Clementine book. Anna sends her cheers for the Ivy and Bean books. As a mother of a girl, I love these books because of the unique females of all ages-true gifts to readers.

Any other recommendations? I am anxious to hear from others.

Karen said...

I'm setting this time aside for the 48 Hour Challenge, too.
If you're looking for a GREAT new read (besides Greetings From Nowhere, which is fabulous!!), try Waiting for Normal.

katied said...

Thanks you two...I'm adding your picks to my stack. can't wait and thanks for the recommendations!!