Saturday, November 10, 2007

When all else fails...poetry

We were having one of those days. It was a struggle for the kids to even sit next to one another. Hurt feelings, arguments, fidgeting bodies, kids playing with staples stuck in the carpet...I knew it was time for a break. They didn't need more lecturing or more conversation about working through problems, just a break from one another. So, why not escape everything through poetry. I pulled out a new book of poetry called When Gorilla Goes Walking I purchased a week ago. The kids were glued to the pictures and began thinking, processing and envisioning the antics of this curious cat named Gorilla . What a riot...a cat named Gorilla. We spent time thinking about her name, her moves, and her relationship with Cecilia (the little girl who owns her). I know when all else fails...poetry is often the answer in my room.


Jen Barney said...

My 4th graders LOVE poetry... we start our community time with a poem each day.
I will have to look into this one! SOUNDS GREAT!

Sarah Amick said...

I have started reading a poem a day to my kids. I know there are days that they just need a break from one another. Thanks for sharing this, I'll look for it.
Love new books!!!!!