Sunday, June 24, 2007

Will he ever love books and love to read?

Here I am...completely excited but at the same time nervous about the idea of blogging. Excited because I am an addicted blog reader ready to give writing a try. Nervous because I want to write but feel like it has to be perfect (sounds like a student you've had doesn't it). This is my chance to let it go, share experiences I am having in the classroom and at home.

Two weeks into summer and I am ready to throw away the Nintendo DS's that both of my sons have in their hands. So, this morning we (this includes me and my son's...Mo (8), Larry (6) and Curly(4)) agreed to turn off all the electronics and read. The boys were off to choose from our collection of books as well as the stack we recently borrowed from the Northwest Library (my favorite around town).

Larry easily picked out an old and safe favorite that I have read aloud at home many times. He moved around the upstairs as he read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. After reading it he proudly walked into my room to show me his accomplishment. He looked spent but
I wanted to understand how he was feeling. I asked, "What did you love about the book?"
He said, "I didn't love it. It took too long to read all the flaps." I was thinking the flaps were one of the best parts of the book because they are interactive. Then I had to let go of my thoughts and really think about him. He didn't enjoy reading it. It was too long. He was only reading it because we had set aside time to read but he was proud. So as I would do in the classroom, I shared all the things I noticed about him as a reader. We agreed to start our next quiet time with me reading to him (letting him pick his favorites) and I would help him look for some shorter stories he can read alone because we have read them together many times (books like I went Walking, School Bus and Not a Box). I am also going to slip them in the pocket close to his seat in our van.

I would love to share Mo and Curly's story but I am out of time...another post.

I often feel responsible for helping Larry love reading. I feel like letting go of what I want and thinking about him is big and often hard for me. Note to is his reading identity.


Mary Lee said...

Can't wait for the reading stories of your other two guys -- you have great insight!

Anonymous said...

First of all, Katie congratulations your blog site is beautiful! I am so excited for you and know that I will learn so much from your blog site - just as I did from peeking my head into your room occasionally this year - not often enough for sure.

I agree with Mary Lee, you are quite insightful. Your boys are so lucky to have your guidance as they do find their identity as readers and writers. With your gentle guidance and expertise I suspect there will be many stories about Curly, Larry and Mo on your site and they will help all of us to grow in our thinking.

Thanks, have fun and happy reading!

LiteracyTeacher said...

Heard about your blog from Mary Lee and Franki. Congrats and welcome!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited that you started this blog, Katie! Josie and ML are both right -- your boys are so lucky you are giving them the time to grow as readers and thinkers. I enjoyed your first 2 reviews -- thanks for your thoughts. I so enjoyed our time at Georgia Heard's workshop, and I look forward to checking in on your blog everyday now! Who knows?! This might be the kickstart this 50-something teacher needs to give her own blog a whirl!
Karen T

katied said...

Thank you all for your encouraging comments! Karen T- I can't wait for your blog...I definitely think you need to join in on the fun! You too Josie!